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  • Terminal EDI Fee Adjustment Notice
    Please be well noted that the airport ground service agent will &n...
    Last updated : 2013/09/02 | Viewed by1502peopleMORE
  • VAT Levy Notice
    According to the new tax policy announced by the Ministry of Finance with effective date from 1st Aug 2013 that the freig...
    Last updated : 2013/09/02 | Viewed by1315peopleMORE
  • Customer Complains Procedures
    To further improve the handling of customer complaints; to establish the consumer protection mechanism; to timely and pro...
    Last updated : 2013/09/02 | Viewed by1414peopleMORE
  • New Regulation on CZ’s bonded shipments
    Informed by Pudong customs that they will apply a new clearance mode for transit goods from 1st April 2013. New process ...
    Last updated : 2013/09/02 | Viewed by1352peopleMORE
  • Declaration List of Security Inspection
    In accordance with the provisions of airport security departments with effective date from 1st Oct 2012 that all cargoes ...
    Last updated : 2013/09/02 | Viewed by1383peopleMORE
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